• Effectively recover ZIP on Mac OS X 10.5 x, Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard
  • Supports ZIP file recovery  on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP OS
  • Recover ZIP files lost in critical situations like MBR corruption, File System corruption, format and reformat
  • Get back ZIP files from hard drives, USB drives, iPods, FireWire drives, Flash memory cards

Have you lost the ZIP files and do not have the original files also?

ZIP is a compressed version of a file or many files. There are lots of advantages of archiving your files to ZIP format. You can ZIP the large files to save the storage space on the hard disk. More than 80 percent of storage space can be saved by compressing the files on hard disk. By compressing, you can reduce the transmission time as well as multiple attachments in the emails. The mailbox has size limit of the attachable files for transmission. Hence, sometimes it is necessary to ZIP your files or folders. ZIP can encrypt sensitive data for security while transmitting the files via emails. Zipping texts is useful than zipping graphical files. Graphics could not be compressed much as it comes already compressed.

You may format the computer to increase the performance of the computer. You might have zipped your important folders on your computer and transferred to an external drive before formatting. When you try to restore the files from the ZIP file then you will be shocked to find that the folder is empty. The ZIP file in it is lost for an unknown reason. This may happen due to improper usage of the external drive. The file system of the external drive might have got corrupted. Then in such scenario you need good recovery tool to get back your data. You can recover ZIP file using ZIP recovery tool.

There are many scenarios in which you may lose the ZIP files. Some are given below which you can refer to avoid these situations:

Improper shut down: Abrupt shut down of the system causes data loss many times. It might happen due to your negligence or any catastrophes. You may turn off the system by operating on power button of the CPU. You may switch off the computer from the switch board. The system may shut down due to power outage, overheating, etc. In such situations, you may lose some important ZIP files stored on the computer with other files. You can recover ZIP files using ZIP recovery tool.

Abrupt removal of external drive: The USB drive if removed abruptly then the files may be lost. The file system may get corrupted or the files might be in transferring process from USB drive to the hard drive. In such situation, you will lose some files. If those are ZIP files and there are no original files also with you then you should recover the lost ZIP files. You can easily recover ZIP files using ZIP recovery tool.

Shift + Delete or Shift + Command + Delete: Using Shift + Delete, the files and folders bypass the Recycle Bin and the data will be lost from the hard drive. This is a common data loss scenario which happens often due to the negligence of the user. Either while selecting the files to be deleted permanently or wrongly operating the files. On Mac hard drives, Command + Shift + Delete key combination is used to empty Trash. Suppose you have deleted some of the necessary ZIP files on the hard drive then, recovery software helps you recover deleted ZIP files. ZIP recovery tool helps you recover ZIP files effectively.

Transfer error: The ZIP file can be transferred to elsewhere through emails. The ZIP file may get corrupted while transferring it via network, at the destination or the ZIP file might have got corrupted at the source only. At the source, the computer might have been infected by the virus and attack the ZIP file. It might catch the virus in the network. The destination computer might have virus in it. Wherever might be the ZIP file get infected by virus, it won’t be accessible. In such situation, if you are thinking how to repair corrupted ZIP files then ZIP repair tool has a solution. It repairs corrupted ZIP files effectively.

MBR corruption: Master Boot Record on the hard disk has Master Boot code which searches and identifies the active partition on the hard drive. If the MBR is corrupted then the partition will not be identified by the Operating System and you will lose all the data in it. The MBR may get corrupted due to power fluctuations, viruses, faulty hardware, etc. If you have lost any ZIP file which was very important then it can be recovered using recovery tool. ZIP recovery tool helps you recover ZIP easily.

There are many features of ZIP recovery tool. Some are given below for your reference. Read the following features and make use of the tool as much as possible:

The ZIP recovery tool helps recovery of ZIP files from the storage devices. The tool can recover password protected ZIP file as well. The tool has very user friendly interface and hence it is easy to use even by the people who have very less knowledge about the tool. The tool has an efficient scanning algorithm which can display the result in few seconds. The tool supports NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and ExFAT File Systems on Windows OS. You can save the recovery session to avoid rescanning of the storage drives. Separate build is available for Mac computers. The tool supports HFS+ and HFSX File Systems on Mac OS.

Recent updates:

The software can effectively fix broken ZIP files by the impact of application malfunctioning, virus invasion, power surge, etc. Just check out the given site for more information.

Repair compressed folders: You may lose the access to the folders compressed to ZIP. You may not be having the original folders also and hence lose the access to your important data. In that case, you can fix compressed folders and recover data in it using the repair tool.

Repair Zip Archive: From now onwards users can easily repair ZIP Archive files which are damaged or corrupted due to unforeseen reasons. This application is updated with more advance algorithms along with new features to sort out all your issues in very short span of time. To know more about this task, visit the given link:

WinZip file fixer: This tool is recently upgraded with some new algorithms, now you can repair WinZip file in very less interval of time. To find out more information about its recent update investigate this website

Repair Bad ZIP File: If your ZIP file turns bad and make the file inaccessible and unreadable, then try our tool to mend damaged ZIP files. Follow the given URL to gain complete knowledge

Extract Files from Broken Zip: Now using recover Zip tool user can even extract files from broken Zip file. The new mechanism of this tool scans the broken Zip file and extracts all the files from it. Visit this website to find more information:

Fix Damaged ZIP File:The software can effectively repair damaged ZIP files by the impact of virus invasion, power surge, application conflicts, etc. Just check out the given site for more information.

Repair Downloaded Zip File: If you want to repair your Zip file which got corrupt during downloading process then make use of recover Zip application. New algorithms of this tool first repairs the corrupted Zip file and then recover all the files from it. Look at this web-site for more information:

Repair Incomplete ZIP File: While downloading ZIP files over internet, if the download process gets incompletely executed due to power failure then no need to get panic. Through the use of this utility, you can carry out incomplete ZIP file repair process just within few simple steps. Go through this URL for more helpful hints.

Error while Extracting Files from ZIP: For the users who are facing error message such as "error extracting files from zip" while exacting file from ZIP file, recover ZIP tool is the right choice. Using this tool they can successfully repair and extract files from corrupt ZIP archive. Refer this page for complete info:

You may lose or delete the ZIP files from the storage devices for any reason. Recover ZIP files using ZIP recovery tool by following simple steps as given below:

Step 1: Download the ZIP recovery tool and install on the healthy computer. Run the tool and select Recover Files from the main page of the wizard of the tool. If ZIP file are lost due to complicated issues like MBR corruption then select Recover Partitions / Drives option.

Recover ZIP - Main Screen

Step 2: Depending on the loss scenario, select Recover Deleted Files or Recover Lost Files from the next screen of the tool wizard displayed after selecting Recover Files option.

Recover ZIP - Second Screen

Step 3: If the file is lost then select the drive to scan for the ZIP file. Specify the file type as ZIP and scan the drive. The files and folders are listed after scanning. Preview the files and recover them on the storage drive.

Recover ZIP - Preview

If you are thinking that it is better to avoid losing ZIP files than to recover it after loss then it is good. Here are few tips to avoid data loss:

  • Use UPS while working on any important file on your computer to avoid file loss due to power outage.
  • Keep backing up the data on the regular basis to restore the data in case of accidental formatting or reformatting.
  • Use powerful antivirus program on the computer to keep computer secure and avoid virus infection.

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