Tool to Fix Corrupt Zip Archive

Most of the important files downloaded from the Internet are compressed into ZIP archives. It is the most convenient and efficient way for storing and archiving information. Usually users prefer to store their family photographs and vital business documents in Zip file. In Zip archive we can store number of files in a compressed manner. These compressed files can be easily shared over the network, and user can easily send it through emails. But now-a-days file corruption issue became very common among computer users, so no wonder if your Zip file gets corrupt. There are so many unavoidable situations which can corrupt your Zip archive and make it unreadable.

Let’s discuss one real time scenario it will help to understand Zip archive corruption: You downloaded a very important file which was of 400 MB. Since the downloading process is taking so much time and you are getting late for office, so you paused the downloading process. Meanwhile in the evening when you got time you restarted the downloading process. After one hour download has been completed successfully. But, when you extracted that downloaded ZIP archive using WinZip, it display CRC failed in "filename.ext". You tried re-downloading the same file thrice but the results were same. The Zip file in the server is itself corrupt. What do you do now? Generally at such situation users get upset, as there are totally unaware with this fact that compressed Zip archive can be repaired by using Zip repair tool. It helps you to repair bad ZIP file efficiently in few steps.

Have a look on common reasons which lead to ZIP archive corruption:

File header corruption: Sometime, while opening Zip files an error message pops up that Zip archive header is corrupt and once the header of the Zip file gets corrupt you extract a single from it. In such situation, you need help of ZIP repair application to mend ZIP file header.

Sudden system termination: Abrupt system termination is the most common behind ZIP archive corruption. This happens due to sudden power surge or abrupt system shutdown, while extracting the contents of ZIP file. Sometimes, you might get CRC errors while decompressing the contents of a ZIP file which makes your ZIP file unreadable. Using repair Zip tool you can easily fix Zip file CRC error.

Improper or Incomplete downloading: Interruption during downloading or improper extracting of ZIPX file also results in ZIP file corruption. Generally due to incomplete downloading Zip archived folder get damage, which make it inaccessible and after this user can not to able to extract a single file from these damaged folders.

Improper compression: Improper compression technique can also be another reason for Zip file corruption. Extra compression done by using the inappropriate tool like the cracked version or the pirated version, also results in Zip file corruption. That’s why, it always adviced to use trustworthy software such as recover Zip for compressing or extracting Zip file. Click here to get more info about this software.

In order to assess file from corrupt Zip archives, first you have to repair it. Though, there are several tools available in market which can mend your corrupt Zip file, but the one that is recommend by experts is ZIP Repair tool which is the right solution to resolve all the issues related to Zip file corruption. The utility does rigorous scanning of corrupted ZIP archive to extract out each and every file present in it. With the help of this tool you can even repair password protected Zip file. Check out this page to find out how this utility works for password protected Zip file.

Follow simple steps to repair ZIP as given below:

Step 1:Download and install Demo Version of the repair ZIP tool on the computer. Run the tool to get the interface of Repair button.

ZIP Archive Repair - Main Screen

Figure 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: Browse the ZIP file location and select "Repair" option. The tool starts repair process, once scanning is over, all the files of the ZIP file are displayed on the interface. Select the files and preview them.

ZIP Archive Repair - Preview

Figure 2 : Preview

Step 3: Activate the tool if you are happy with the result. Browse a location for the storage of repaired file and click "Save"

ZIP Archive Repair - Save

Figure 3 : Save