Restore Deleted ZIP Files

ZIP files are the file types used to compress the files to smaller size. Hence, it is very useful when disk space is an issue. You can save lot of space by compressing the files for almost one third of the original size of the files. If the files are of graphical type then it will be already in compressed form and you can’t compress it further. It will be very beneficial to use ZIP to compress documents while sending it through emails. You can avoid attaching all the files and just attach a ZIP file having all the files in it. At the receiver end, he can unzip the file. You can have lots of benefits of zipping your files.

You may lose the ZIP files for lots of reasons but if it is by deletion then it bothers you more. You would think that you could have avoided it. At times you will be in hurry and you tend to commit mistakes like accidental deletion. Suppose you have zipped a folder which has to be mailed immediately to a client. You have deleted the original folder from computer and some junk files. You had selected the zipped file also to delete, while working at high speed. In such situations you can recover deleted ZIP files using recovery software. You can retrieve ZIP file easily with ZIP recovery tool.

Some of the common loss scenarios are given below. Refer to these and beware of the cases when you can lose your data:

Bypass Recycle Bin: The Recycle Bin can be bypassed by selecting Shift + Delete keys on the keyboard. All the selected files will be deleted from the logical drive permanently. You might have deleted some ZIP files. If you realize that the data compressed in ZIP was important, then you try to restore it from a backup if it is there. If you do not have the backup then you can recover ZIP files using ZIP recovery tool.

Deletion by third party software: If the ZIP file is infected with virus then it can be fixed by the third party software. If the file can’t be repaired using the software then it might delete the ZIP files sometime. You will lose all the files zipped, from the user interface. The ZIP files lost in such situations can be recovered using recovery software. ZIP recovery tool effectively recovers the ZIP files deleted.

Formatting the external drive: Formatting the external drive deletes all the files on it. Hence, you will lose the ZIP files stored in it. All files on the file system of external drive are assigned with the deleted tag. The deleted files can be recovered from the external drive using recovery tool on the computer. ZIP recovery tool is one of the reliable recovery tool which helps to undelete ZIP.

Sudden system shut down: If the system shuts down unnaturally then some of the files may be deleted from the computer. The system may shut down due to lots of reasons like switching off the switch on the switch board, bumping the power button of the CPU and so on. Some of the ZIP files may also be deleted when the computer turns off suddenly. The files on the system may also get corrupted due to sudden system shut down. If your ZIP files are corrupted in that situation then you can fix corrupted ZIP using ZIP repair tool.

There are lots of advantageous features of the ZIP recovery tool. Some are as given below:

The ZIP recovery tool can recover all the deleted and lost ZIP files from the storage drives. You can even retrieve password protected ZIP file using the tool on the computer. The tool can recover ZIP files from the storage drives either internal or external drive on the computer. Hence, you are capable of recovering files from external drives like memory card, USB drive, external hard disk, iPods, flash drives, FireWire drives, etc. The tool supports NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, FAT32 and exFAT file systems of Windows OS. If you have a Mac OS based computer then there is a Mac OS supporting build of the software. Hence, Mac ZIP file recovery can be performed to get access to the data in the zipped file.

There is a separate edition of software to repair ZIP file. If you have lost the access to the ZIP file for any reason like virus infection, sudden shut down, etc. You can even repair crc error zip file using the software, find more information here.

The ZIP recovery tool can be used to recover deleted ZIP files effectively from the storage devices. You need to follow some simple steps as given below:

Step 1: Download the ZIP recovery tool and install it on the computer. Run the application and select Recover Files from the main page of the tool.

Recover Deleted ZIP Files - Main Screen

Step 2: Select Recover Deleted Files option from the next screen which recovers all the deleted files. Select the drive from which the ZIP file is deleted and scan the drive.

Recover Deleted ZIP Files - Choose Recover Deleted Files

Step 3: After scanning, all the files which were deleted from the drive are listed on the wizard. Select the ZIP files which you want back and save those on the computer using "Save" option.

Recover Deleted ZIP Files - Preview

You could avoid the data loss due to deletion as much as possible. Some of the following tips will help you to do so:

  • Always keep the backup of the ZIP files and do not delete the original files easily.
  • Be careful while downloading the ZIP files as they might be corrupted and bring some virus onto the system.
  • Use UPS to avoid sudden system shut down due to power outage which can delete the files.

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