How to Extract Files from Broken ZIP?

A Zip file (.zip) is a "Zipped" or compressed file. A Single ZIP folder contains number of files within it. A zipped file takes up less hard drive space and takes less time to transfer to another computer. Generally, users prefer to compress multiple files together in Zip format, in order to reduce file occupying space and to convert them into a portable form. These files are used to maintain a backup of important files and folders or to transfer huge amount of data over internet. To access zipped file, you'll need to extract it first. But, ZIP file usually gets broken during extracting or downloading process.

Whenever "Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive" message pops up while opening Zip file, it indicated that the ZIP file is broken and can't be accessed further. There are many unforeseen situations which results in broken Zip file. To tackle all such situations you need to some trustworthy tool, which can fix broken ZIP file without changing its original content and one such tool is "Recover ZIP". This application helps in extracting Broken ZIP files within few easy steps.

Scenarios responsible for broken Zip file

Sudden system termination: One of the most redundantly occurring data loss scenarios which results broken Zip file. This usually happens due to abrupt system shutdown or sudden power surge, while unzipping the ZIP file. Sometimes, users might get the CRC errors while extracting the contents of a ZIP file which makes ZIP file unreadable.

Header corruption: Sometime, while opening Zip files an error message blinks up that your Zip file header is corrupt and if the header of the Zip file gets corrupt you are unable to extract files from broken ZIP. In such situation, make use of ZIP file recovery application that knows how to extract broken ZIP files by repairing them and recovering files from broken ZIP file. Using this application you can even recover files from password protected Zip file.

Improper downloading: Interruption during file downloading process or improper extracting of ZIPX file also results in ZIP file corruption. This happens generally due to terminating the ZIp file extraction process in between or incomplete downloading of Zip file. So, for extracting broken ZIP files, you can make use of this application.

Virus infection: Spyware or Malware infection on system hard drive from the internet or from any external data storage drive will corrupt the Zip file present on your system hard drive. Severe viruses will replace the original files with some garbage content or sometimes they even delete the important information from the Zip file and results broken Zip file. To extract file your broken Zip file make use recover Zip. This is the best tool to repair corrupt ZIP file and to extract files from broken ZIP. You can also restore files compressed Zipped folder. Refer this site to learn more

Additional features

This tool is developed by professionals specially to repair and extract files from broken Zip file. It is easy to run this tool on various version of Windows operating system such as Windows 2008/ Windows 7/ Windows Vista/ & Windows XP. Here you will find out more information about ZIPX file recovery on Windows 8. So, whatsoever be the reason behind broken Zip file, just use this tool and solve out this issue in less span of time.

Using this amazing application user can even repair downloaded Zip file after CRC error. There are various circumstances under which Zip file will get corrupt while downloading process. Investigate this to study this in detail. It is the ultimate solution for the question about how to extract broken ZIP files. Trial version of this tool is also available user can try it and check the probability of recovery. If you are satisfied with the outcomes of the trial version, then directly go for its licensed version for extracting broken ZIP files.

Follow simple steps to extract files from broken Zip are given below:

Step 1:Download and install Demo Version of the ZIP repair tool on the computer. Run the tool to get the interface of Repair button.

Extract Files from Broken Zip - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Browse the ZIP file location and select Repair option. The tool starts repair process, once scanning is over, all the files of the ZIP file are displayed on the interface. Select the files and preview them.

Extract Files from Broken Zip - Preview

Figure 2: Preview

Step 3: Activate the tool if you are happy with the result. Browse a location for the storage of repaired file and click Save.

Extract Files from Broken Zip - Save

Figure 3: Save