How to Fix A Damaged ZIP File???

In this fast developing world, numerous numbers of people across the globe want to store their valuable data on different storage devices. In order to store more and more data, users opt to compress their files which reduces the file size and help users to save as much data as they can thereby reducing the memory space. Thus, the ZIP file is an archived form of files which is created by using the WinZip tool and saves files in .zip file format. The zipping of file is highly preferred by the users for compressing their files and it is just like a file container that consists of various types of files inside it in compressed form.

Though its highly flexible and helps user in various ways, under some critical situations there is a great chance of these ZIP files getting damaged. Are you among the one to wonder how to fix damaged ZIP file after they get damaged? There could be several factors that are accountable for damage of a ZIP file, but the most important thing that you need to think is how to fix a damaged ZIP file and access data that is residing inside the damaged Zip file. The perfect remedy for this kind of problem is to use best repair utility that executes damaged ZIP file repair efficiently. ZIP file repair tool is the most recommended ZIP file fixer that can effectively fix damaged ZIP file and also mend corrupted ZIP files thereby extracting information from it. Refer this page to investigate more about corrupted ZIP file repair process.

Common causes of ZIP file damage are:

  • Any type of interruptions occurring in between of downloading process of ZIP files from the internet would cause incomplete execution of ZIP file process and lead to severe corruption of ZIP files and make the entire data saved inside the ZIP file unreadable and inaccessible to its user resulting in data loss. But, by using this repair tool, you can perform incomplete ZIP file repair with ease and accuracy.
  • At times, while opening ZIP files you might come across various types of errors that may be unknown to you, that means the header of ZIP file has got damaged. On header file corruption, the information on ZIP file becomes inaccessible and does not let you to access the file leading to loss of data. However, it is very easy to carry out damaged ZIP file repair task and fix damaged ZIP file quickly with safe.
  • Virus intrusion on the hard drive of the computer via internet or external storage device may damage the saved ZIP files severely which in turn leads to inaccessibility of files and folders. Hence you might end up losing all of your valuable information in that situation. You have to fix compressed folders and files using ZIP file repair tool. Check this link right here now for additional hints.
  • When you are extracting contents of the ZIP file, suddenly because of power failures if the computers gets improperly terminated, then the ZIP file gets damaged. Thus you are unable to access the file resulting in data loss. At this stage ZIP file repair tool will help you to fix damaged ZIP file.

In order to avoid ZIP file corruption issues because of any of these scenarios, it is important to maintain a backup copy of all the vital files and folders. So, in the event you face any loss situation you can restore data from that backup copy. Also, you need to update the anti-virus software installed on the computer, to prevent the system from malware attack. And you have to use strong power source to stop unexpected system termination. With this tool user can also repair downloaded Zip file, which got corrupt during downloading process. For more helpful hints go to this page:

ZIP file repair tool would solve the file loss problems in all the above defined scenarios. By using this utility, you can know how to fix a damaged ZIP file on both Windows and Mac operating system based computers. This ZIP file fixer can efficiently repair CRC error ZIP file within few easy steps. The software is user friendly and can be employed by the normal person without possessing any computer knowledge.

Basic steps to fix damaged ZIP file:

Step1: Download demo version of this repair toolkit and install it on your computer. Run the application and click on "Browse" button to select the damaged ZIP files and then hit "Repair" to initiate the damaged ZIP file repair process as shown in Figure 1.

Fix Damaged ZIP File - Main Screen

Figure 1 : Main Screen

Step2: On completion of repair process, you can see all the repaired ZIP files. Select the required file and preview them as shown in Figure 2.

Fix Damaged ZIP File - Preview

Figure 2 : Preview

Step3: If you are happy with the results, you can activate the software. Browse the destination path to save the repaired ZIP file and click on "Save" button as shown in Figure 3.

Fix Damaged ZIP File - Save File

Figure 3 : Save File