How to Fix Corrupted Zip Files?

ZIP files are the compressed files of files or folders. Large sized files can be compressed to very small one. This is very helpful in saving memory space; you can store some other data in the space. While transferring files via a network by emails, zipping is necessary as the email attachments have size limits. You can ZIP the files before mailing and at the receiving end the user can download and unzip the file to view the files in it. Zipping your files is beneficiary while transferring it via mail or when you have to store large data on very less space.

If the ZIP file is corrupted then you may not be able to open the ZIP file. You may lose the access to the ZIP file which leaves you in a shock. You do not have the source of the ZIP file also. You just try to remember what went wrong. You realize that the USB drive in which the ZIP file was there, was connected to a virus infected computer. The ZIP file got corrupted at that time. Even though your system is free of virus, the ZIP file got corrupted due to your negligence. In such circumstances you may think how to repair corrupted Zip files, and the best solution is you need repair tool for the corrupted ZIP file. ZIP repair tool repairs the corrupt ZIP files and helps you access the files in it. If you have deleted the ZIP file without trying to repair it then you can restore ZIP files using ZIP recovery tool and give a try on repairing the ZIP file.

There are lots of reasons for ZIP files getting corrupted. Some are given below which can be referred for your knowledge:

Incomplete download: The ZIP files can get corrupted due to incomplete download. A part of the ZIP file may not be downloaded due to which the ZIP file refuses to open. Such files can be repaired using ZIP repair tool. You get the access to the files compressed in the ZIP file but you will lose some of the part of the files which were not downloaded properly. You might have deleted the ZIP file being unaware of the ZIP file recovery. In such situations you can restore deleted ZIP file using ZIP recovery tool.

CRC error: Cyclic Redundancy Check error is the error which indicates that the ZIP file is corrupted. Information on the ZIP file would have been damaged. CRC is used to insure transmission accuracy. The WinZip calculates the CRC of the files while zipping and while unzipping, the WinZip checks for the CRC of the file. If the CRC doesn’t match then the WinZip refuses to open the ZIP file. In such cases, you can fix corrupted Zip files using ZIP repair tool. If you have any deleted ZIP files on Mac system then you can restore ZIP file on Mac using ZIP file recovery tool. Copy it on Windows PC to repair it.

Power surge: The ZIP files may get deleted or corrupted due to power surge. Sometimes due to environmental changes or any other catastrophes, the power may suddenly increase in the conductor. If you are thinking how to repair corrupted ZIP files then ZIP repair tool helps you. It repairs the corrupted ZIP files and makes you able to access to the files compressed in it.

Header corruption: Every file will be having a header by reading which the Operating System recognizes the file. The file header contains the name of the file and other basic information of the file. The header of the ZIP file may get corrupted for reasons like virus infection, power surge, etc. In such situations the ZIP file will not open and the files in it will be lost. Hence, you need to repair the ZIP file using repair tool. You can repair corrupted WinZip archives using ZIP repair tool. If the corrupted ZIP file which had a password protection is lost from the User Interface then password protected ZIP recovery can be performed using ZIP recovery tool.

There are various advantageous features of ZIP repair tool. Some are given below which helps you to use the tool as much as possible:

ZIP repair tool is a most powerful app which knows how to repair corrupted Zip files in a very efficient manner. It can repair varieties of ZIP files as well as ZIPX files on the Windows 8 computer with utmost ease. The tool can fix corrupted Zip files of around 4 GB or even more. The tool repair corrupted WinZip archives on any storage devices compatible with Windows OS. It can repair corrupted Zip archives on Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, 8 based computers.

The tool can repair even ZIP files with CRC errors. The data can be recovered by repairing the ZIP files with an ease using the tool. The wizard is user friendly. The tool implements an automated repair process. Therefore even a novice user who has less computer knowledge and doesn’t know how to repair corrupted Zip files can use this app and fix corrupted Zip files. The corrupted ZIP archive can be easily fixed out by using the ZIP repair tool. Browse around this web-site to obtain complete information about this tool.

Learn how to repair corrupted Zip Files:

Step 1: To fix corrupted Zip archives, download and install Demo Version of the repair tool on the computer. Run the tool to get the interface of Repair button.

How to Repair Corrupted ZIP Files? - Main Screen

Step 2: Browse the ZIP file location and select Repair option to repair corrupted WinZip archives. The tool starts repair process, once scanning is over, all the files of the ZIP file are displayed on the interface. Select the files and preview them.

How to Repair Corrupted ZIP Files? - Preview

Step 3: Activate the tool if you are happy with the result. Browse a location for the storage of repaired file and click Save.

How to Repair Corrupted ZIP Files? - Save

Avoid the ZIP file corruption instead of repairing it afterwards. Save your precious time by taking some precautions as below:

  • Use powerful antivirus program on the computer and keep updating it.
  • Make sure that the files are not corrupted before compressing.
  • Avoid deleting original files and have a backup of the ZIP if possible.