Incomplete ZIP File Repair Tool

In this PC world, lots of people wish to store more and more data onto hard disk of their computer’s or laptops. And, to save hard drive memory space they go for zipping the stored files and folders so that they can store great amount of files. Zipping of files also helps in transferring files by means of internet very easily or to maintain backup of important files. Windows users make use of WinZip application to archive the files. But under some critical instances wherein while downloading ZIP files, if the process gets interrupted because of sudden power failure then it would result in incomplete execution of ZIP file process.

At this time, the Zip file will get corrupted which in turn causes inaccessibility of the inner content of the file resulting in data loss situation. What if that ZIP file contains vital data such as Word documents, pictures, spreadsheets? Are you among the one who is facing this type of ZIP file corruption scenario and looking up for some good and reliable fixing tool to carry out incomplete ZIP file repair process? Now it’s time to relax as you can easily fix a damaged or incomplete ZIP file and restore ZIP file data by making use of this ZIP file repair program. Now moving further let us sneak a peek at the below listed scenarios under which ZIP file corruption takes place and you may end up losing your crucial data.

Possible factors accountable for ZIP file corruption:

  • ZIP header file includes all the vital information about ZIP file attributes that helps the operating system of the computer to read and access any ZIP file. In case because of any unknown reason, there occurs corruption of this ZIP header file component then it would make the ZIP file inaccessible to its user and hence causing data loss.
  • Unexpected shutdown of the system because of power surge while accessing or extracting files from ZIP archive might result in incomplete zipping of file and causes corruption of ZIP file. Corrupted ZIP file makes the file unreadable and unusable to you which would further not allow you to access any of the data from it resulting in loss of data. If you are craving out to execute incomplete ZIP file repair, then use this repair toolkit.
  • In the event your ZIP files are deleted and when they are restored by making use of powerful ZIP recovery software, the retrieved file can be incomplete because of fragmentation with file system. Such Files cannot be opened again and would be in corrupt and inaccessible state making you to face severe loss of files.

If you face these above discussed scenarios of ZIP file corruption then, using ZIP file repair software is the only way left to fix corrupted ZIP file because of header corruption, CRC error, unknown compression method, cannot open ZIP file and due to many other reasons. This application is non-destructive and read only tool that does not modify any changes to your source file and ensures the safety of your file.

ZIP file repair tool helps you to extract files from broken ZIP file just within a couple of moments. Just go ahead and check out the link right here, in case you want to learn more facts about this utility. The software is compatible with all latest versions of Microsoft Windows OS. It allows you to preview the repaired file during the process and save it on your own desired location.

Steps to repair incomplete ZIP file:

Step1: Download demo version of this application and install it on your Windows hard disk. Launch it by double clicking the desktop icon and click on "Browse" button to select the incomplete ZIP file and then hit "Repair" button to start the repair process as in Figure 1.

Incomplete ZIP File Repair  - Main Screen

Figure 1 : Main Screen

Step2: Once done with the repair process, you will be able to view the repaired incomplete ZIP file as in Figure 2.

Incomplete ZIP File Repair  - Preview

Figure 2 : Preview

Step3: If you are happy with the results, then activate the software. Browse a location for storing repaired file and click "Save" as in Figure 3.

Incomplete ZIP File Repair  - Save File

Figure 3 : Save File