How to Recover ZIP Files on Mac?

ZIP file is a compressed file which has the files of similar kind. The files are zipped to reduce the size of the files and bind those files in a single file. There are lots of tools to ZIP the files which can be installed on the computer for compressing files. But for Mac computers, there is no need of the tool. Mac computers have the option of zipping files within the OS. You can also decompress the ZIP files easily by double clicking on it. Smaller the files size faster is the file transfer and hence compressing the files to ZIP Archive is beneficial.

You may lose ZIP files on Mac for lots of reasons. You had deleted a ZIP file unintentionally from the Mac computer. You do not have the spare copy of the ZIP file also. The ZIP file which was deleted by you was paid software’s application file. You can’t buy the software again by investing lot of money. What can be done now? Have you lost the ZIP file forever? No, the ZIP file is still in the physical drive. Stop using the drive to avoid the file getting overwritten and use ZIP recovery software to get back the ZIP file. You can use ZIP recovery tool to recover ZIP on Mac computer efficiently.

Some of the reasons for ZIP file loss on Mac computers are given below. Have a look at the description of the loss cases,

Volume map corruption: The Mac OS maintains a partitioning scheme for storing information on the volumes. The volume map has the record of the basic information of volumes like size, location, number of volumes, etc. The volume map when corrupted results in data inaccessibility and hence a great data loss. You had some important ZIP files also in that. In such situations, you can recover the ZIP files lost using ZIP recovery tool.

Reformatting Mac: Reformatting the computer is nothing but changing the file system. If you want to migrate from one file system to the other then you have to reformat the system. You will lose all the data on the computer after reformatting. Hence, reformatting should be done only once you have the backup of the important data on the hard drive. If you forgot to backup some ZIP files which are important then, you can recover the ZIP files using recovery tool. ZIP recovery tool is one of the reliable recovery tools.

Emptying Mac Trash: Trash is the storage space where all the files deleted from the hard drive of Mac are stored. Mac Trash can be emptied by using Shift + Command + Delete key combination or by selecting Empty Trash option. Once you empty the trash all the files in it will be lost forever from the User Interface. Without checking for the files to be restored from the Trash, you had emptied it. As a result, some of the important ZIP files got deleted from the Trash. In such situation, the ZIP files can be recovered using ZIP recovery tool.

Deleted from external drive on Mac: If you have an important ZIP file on external drive on Mac then the file will be permanently lost. But the file will be still present on the physical storage drive. You can recover the ZIP file from the external drive using recovery tool before it is overwritten by the other files. Zip recovery tool is one of the recovery software which can recover ZIP files effectively on Mac. Sometimes, the recovered ZIP files may refuse to open. This is due to corrupt ZIP and then you may be thinking how to repair damaged ZIP? In such circumstances you can use ZIP repair tool.

There are lots of advantageous features of ZIP recovery tool. Refer to few which are given below for your information:

The ZIP repair tool recovers all the ZIP files from the internal hard drive as well as external drives like external hard drive, USB drive, memory card, iPods, etc. You can retrieve deleted ZIP files from the Mac OS X 10.5 x, Lion, Leopard and Snow Leopard. The tool supports HFSX and HFS+ file systems on Mac. The tool has extremely fast signature search tool to scan the drives for the provided file types. With the help of this wonderful utility you can first repair Zip archive and recover files from it. If you want to know how this tool repair corrupt Zip file? Then click here.

The tool supports the recovery of files even after formatting, reformatting the Mac OS. If the lost ZIP files are password protected then you might have a question, how to recover password protected ZIP files? You need not worry as you have the recovery tool. The tool can recover not only ZIP files but also other files. Separate build of the tool is available for the Windows OS based computer. The ZIP files can be recovered using the ZIP recovery tool in few seconds. Follow some simple steps as given below:

Step 1: Download the ZIP recovery tool and install on the Mac computer. If the ZIP file is lost from the external drive then make sure that the drive is connected to the computer. Launch the software and select Recover Files on the main screen. If the ZIP file is lost due to formatting, reformatting or any other complex scenarios then you need to recover volumes or drives using Recover Volumes / Drives.

Recover ZIP Mac - Mac Main Screen

Step 2: If you have selected Recover Files then select Recover Deleted Files or Recover Lost Files based on the scenario from the next window. Select the drive to be scanned and specify the file type as ZIP.

Recover ZIP Mac - Select Recover Lost Files

Step 3: The ZIP files are listed out by the tool after scanning the drive. Preview the files and save those on a drive other than the scanned drive.

Recover ZIP Mac - Mac Preview

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks and Yosemite(10.10) Users