Effective Software to Repair Bad ZIP File

Living in this computer world, we all are familiar with what files mean and how they impact on real life. Files are the collection of various types of data on a permanent data storage structure. It consists of documents, audio files, video clips, photos and many other. People compress their data in order to utilize more hard drive space to store large amount of data and to transfer files at faster speeds. Now-a-days, people employ ZIP file format to archive and compress their files. The zipping of files can be done by using the WinZip application, as it reduces the size of files and can store numerous number of files in a single ZIP folder.

These archived files can be used over networks such as internet through emails. As everyone knows that these internet networks are not secure and therefore the ZIP files can get damaged or corrupted, it means that while downloading the file you could face some unknown errors and your ZIP file may turn into bad and inaccessible causing loss of information saved in that ZIP file. In this catastrophic situation, the only way to access the information from damaged ZIP file is to repair bad ZIP file using powerful repair toolkit. The ZIP repair software is highly recommended utility that helps user to repair compressed folders of the ZIP file format with ease.

Listed below are a few of the ZIP file corruption scenarios, that you might experience in the future while archiving files using ZIP file format.

Usual factors behind ZIP file corruption are:

  • When you share any ZIP files over a network, sometimes because of CRC errors the ZIP files may get damaged and become inaccessible. This would not allow the users to access their important information residing in the ZIP file and thus resulting in heavy loss of data files.

  • In case your ZIP file is archived beyond the size limit, then it results in ZIP file corruption thereby making the file bad unreadable. After this, you may not be able to open or access the data leading to file loss. You can repair bad ZIP file by making use of our ZIP repair toolkit.

  • If the header file of ZIP files gets damaged because of any reason like virus attack, power surge or any other factor, would make the ZIP file bad and inhibit its access to users causing data loss. In that case, you can use ZIP repair tool to fix corrupted ZIP file. To recollect extra information about this tool, just click on the below mentioned link http://www.recoverzip.net/how-to-repair-corrupted-files.html.

  • Because of continuous power fluctuation, if your computer gets terminated improperly while extracting contents of ZIP files might corrupt the ZIP file and makes it unusable for the users, thereby making you face the severe loss of data.

  • Suggestion to avoid ZIP file corruption:

  • Update the anti-virus software installed on the computer regularly, to protect computer from malware invasion and hence preventing corruption issues.
  • Use effective UPS to avoid unexpected termination of the system.
  • Always prefer secure internet networks to download Zip files.

  • After following above defined preventive tips, still if you have suffered data loss scenarios then the files can be restored using the backup copy. In case there is no backup copy, use Zip repair software which is the perfect remedy for above scenarios. This repair tool can mend Zip file on all versions of Windows operating system such as XP, vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It can even fix password protected Zip files and hence this software can effectively restore password protected ZIP files in a few simple mouse clicks.

    Procedure to repair bad ZIP file:

    Step1: Download trial version of this repair program and install it on the hard disk of your computer. Launch the application. Click on "Browse" button to select the Bad ZIP files and hit "Repair" to start the repair process as in Figure 1.

    Repair Bad ZIP File - Main Screen

    Figure 1 : Main Screen

    Step2: The software starts the repair process, on completion of process, you can see all the repaired ZIP files. Select the required file and preview them as in Figure 2.

    Repair Bad ZIP File - Preview

    Figure 2 : Preview

    Step3: If satisfied with the results, you can activate the software. Browse the destination path to save the repaired ZIP file and click on "Save" as in Figure 3.

    Repair Bad ZIP File - Save File

    Figure 3 : Save File