Best Way to Fix WinZIP Files

WinZip is a popular Windows based utility for archiving files in the ZIP format. Through Win Zip user can compress their files and reduce it file size. This tool allows users to collect and compress files together. It not only gives users the ability to compress files into different file archive formats and decompress 16 different file archive formats, it even allows users to encrypt files to restrict unauthorized access, share files by email from within the WinZip program interface and backup files stored on the system hard drive. As Zip files are very useful, so it is a real headache if it became inaccessible. To access file from a WinZip archive, you need to decompress it. Sometime, the file extraction process may not complete successfully due to Zip archive corruption. How to fix corrupt Zip file is the most common query asked by users in such situation.

Let’s consider a scenario in which you use GPRS connection to access the internet on your PC. You downloaded one of your vital Zip file which was of 600 MB. Since the download can be continued, you paused and again restarted the download process whenever you got time. As download has been completed and you try to extract that downloaded ZIP file using WinZip. But you get shocked! after seeing the error message like CRC failed. You tried re-downloading the same file once again but results were same. What your take? If that inaccessible Zip file contains your important project details or photo collection. Besides improper downloading there are many more scenarios, which leads to WinZip file corruption, let’s have a look on them:

  • File header corruption: Sometime while opening Zip files an error message pops up that your file header is corrupt. Once the header of the Zip file gets corrupt you are unable to access the file. In such condition, make use of ZIP file recovery application to fix ZIP archive.
  • Improper compression: Incomplete or improper compression of ZIP file also results in ZIP file corruption. This happens generally due incomplete downloading of Zip file or due to terminating the extraction process in between.
  • Sudden system termination: This is the most common reason behind ZIP file corruption. This happens due to sudden power surge or abrupt system shutdown, while extracting the contents of ZIP file. Sometimes, you might get CRC errors while extracting the contents of a ZIP file which makes your ZIP file unreadable. Read more…
  • Virus infection: Virus or malware attack on your system from the internet or from any other external data storage drive. Viruses will duplicate the original files or sometimes they even delete the important information from the file and results in huge data loss.

You can protect your Zip file from corruption by following some safety precautionary steps like create a proper backup of all your crucial files, use strong power source to reduce the problem sudden system shutdown, upgrade version of antivirus program in your system so that virus attack can be avoided. These precautions will help you in minimizing data loss problem. However, precautions are not at all sufficient, as there are many more scenarios which occur without any warning and results severe data loss. To overcome from such critical situation you need some powerful tool which can repair your corrupted Zip file and recover all the files from it. This utility even supports password protected Zip file recovery. Browse around here to know more about password protected Zip file recovery.

Recover Zip program is the most secures and convenient way to fix corrupted Zip file. Corrupt WinZip file repair process became quite simple with the introduction of this tool. You can all call it as WinZip file fixer program. It scans the entire drive in few minutes to recover data from ZIP file. This tool has an ability to identify file on the bases of its unique signature. It contains save recovery option with help you to resume the recovery process any time. This software can fix bad ZIP file with very ease by clicking over here read more about this. To use this tool try free demo version of this software and if the results of demo version are satisfactory for you then you go for its licensed version.

Follow simple steps to fix WinZip file as given below:

Step 1:Download and install Demo Version of the repair ZIP tool on the computer. Run the tool to get the interface of "Repair" button.

WinZip File Fixer  - Main Screen

Figure 1 : Main Screen

Step 2: Browse the ZIP file location and select "Repair" option. The tool starts repair process, once scanning is over, all the files of the ZIP file are displayed on the interface. Select the files and preview them.

WinZip File Fixer - Preview

Figure 2 : Preview

Step 3: Activate the tool if you are happy with the result. Browse a location for the storage of repaired file and click "Save"

WinZip File Fixer - Save

Figure 3 : Save